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actual printed ballsWelcome to a new concept in sports and family memorabilia. The best idea to come out in years for coaches gifts, sporting families, trophies, baby mementos, family tree items etc. The list is endless.

All we need is a photo/logo or message to be printed on the ball or ornament and we take care of the rest. We can use either a digital or paper photograph and rest assured that any paper photo would be returned in original condition.

We always send a draft copy of what it will look like on the ball so you know what it will look like and if time permits we take a photo of the finished product and email it to you.

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Gift for a coach

testIf  your looking for that special gift for a coach have a look at our unique service. The Photoball Kings can print a photo of the team onto one of our specially prepared sportsballs. The Photoball Kings will design something in conjunction with yourself so that you can say " I designed it myself" and be the envy of all your club members.

We cover most mainstream sports in Australia like Aussie rules footy, Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Volleyball and both Rugby Union and Rugby League. We can also print on Cricket balls, Softballs,Baseballs, Ice hockey pucks, Water polo balls, Bowling Balls, Golf balls, American Gridiron balls and of course we have a Gaelic football Replica that we can print to. Some of our sportsballs can be used for other sports such as Snooker, Eightball, Lawn bowls and Croquet are some that come to mind.

Have a look on this website for some of the examples, if you can't find one then send us an email and we will send a picture of one we have done.

cricket ballsbasketballsfootballnetball

Sports Photographysports shot

If you have a sport carnival coming up then get in touch with The Photoball Kings about photographing your event. We specialise in capturing all the emotion of the carnival in photographs that can be printed on the spot or printed on sportsballs, to use as trophies, encouragement awards or as a different thank you gift for volunteers. For booking your carnival with us we would be happy to supply a ball of your choosing to be printed and to be used as you see fit (either raffled off to raise money or to be used as a thank you gift to sponsors, volunteers etc).  This is our thank you gift for booking our services.  
We also give some of the proceeds of photo sales back to the organisers.

Book early here to avoid missing out.


charity ballThe Photoball Kings can offer a healthier alternative to chocolates and lollies and a more lasting memory.  All you do is promote the product as a fundraiser  within your school or sporting group and we can supply forms and print your products for your members and the club is charged a discounted price and gets to keep the difference between the retail and the discounted price. With so many products to choose from there is bound to be something for everyone in your group.

We can also do special balls for Quiz nights. The soccerball to the left was done for a disabled basketball group to auction off during their quiz night. We also organised for a basketball to be signed by the current olympic mens basketball team and printed the team photo on it to add extra value to it.  If you have contacts with prominent sporting teams then maybe this is the opportunity you have been looking for. 

Contact us to find out more

Team Uniforms

If you are looking for personal service when organising your sport uniforms then contact us and we can organise for a one to one session so that we can turn your ideas into reality and help your team look professional off the field as well as on it. We do the work ourselves and dont subcontract it out. This allows us to maintain quality control at every stage.

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